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The 8 Best Trucking Companies with Pet Policies

September 29th, 2023

Lars Offerdahl

Lars Offerdahl

Lars has been in the trucking industry his whole working life. He started working in the shop when he was just 16 years old. Lars spent about 10 years in operations before moving to driver recruiting. He spent five years in recruiting before joining the ATS team as the vice president of driver recruiting. He currently serves as the vice president of van operations. No day is ever the same in the trucking industry and Lars enjoys the challenge that presents.

Want to bring your pet with you on the road? That’s understandable! Pets not only make great companions, but research repeatedly shows there are mental and physical benefits to having a pet on the road. They can keep you calm and help you feel a little less lonely when you’re thousands of miles from home.

Unfortunately, not every trucking company will allow you to bring your pet on the road with you. The companies that do allow it often have tight restrictions on the type of pet, its breed and its weight. The last thing you want is to go to a new trucking company and find out you can’t bring your pet with you in the cab because cats aren’t allowed or your dog is too large. 

At Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), we know how important it is for you to have a passenger on the road with you — a pet or a person. That’s why we’ve put together a list of great carriers that also have pet policies. It’s no surprise many of these companies have also made many of our other best-of lists. 

We’ll also provide you with a list of questions you should ask about a company’s pet policy before you sign on with them. 

The Best Trucking Carriers with Pet Policies

Not all company pet policies are the same. It’s hard to name a company with the best policy because they change them often. 

In our list, we’ve focused on good companies that also allow pets. Some have a large deposit, some have monthly fees and some may have restrictions on the type of pet you can get. Some even have qualifiers you must meet before you can bring a pet in your truck. At the time of publication, however, these are the rules they follow.

For this article, we’ve selected larger trucking companies because they provide driving opportunities to a larger group of drivers.

In no particular order, here are the best trucking companies with pet policies: 

Halvor Lines

Founded: 1968

Headquarters: Superior, Wisconsin 

Insight: Halvor Lines stands out as a family-owned and operated trucking enterprise. Renowned for their exceptional standing among drivers, they've earned the prestigious accolade of being inducted into the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Hall of Fame for Best Fleets to Drive For.

Their offerings include flexible home time, state-of-the-art late-model tractors equipped with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading compensation packages with ample opportunities for career advancement. Drivers also benefit from comprehensive health and dental insurance coverage, a robust 401K plan and access to health and wellness programs.

Furthermore, Halvor Lines caters to a wide range of driver preferences, extending beyond dry van and deck van options to encompass the transportation of flatbeds and reefers.

Halvor Lines allows trainees to have pets on day one — both cats and dogs. 

Hogan Trucking

Founded: 1918

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Insight: Hogan Trucking has been around for over 100 years. Owned by the Hogan Family of companies, they focus on high-quality transportation and logistics services and they’re operating with third-generation ownership. The privately owned family company has a variety of options for its customers, including full-service leasing, commercial truck rental, fleet maintenance, dedicated services, truckload, logistics and used truck sales. 

Hogan hires both new and experienced drivers. Whether you’ve just earned your CDL-A or you’ve been driving for decades, Hogan has options for you. They work with owner-operators, too. They have dedicated and regional routes that’ll get you home to your loved ones daily or weekly. You can haul dry van freight or test your skills at car hauling. 

Hogan Transport has a Puppy Policy for dedicated drivers. You aren’t allowed to bring cats or other pets in your truck. They charge a non-refundable pet fee and pet shot records must be in the truck at all times. If entering customer facilities, the dog must be kept in the truck. 

Driver getting into truck. Dog is in driver's seat looking down at him.

Roehl Transport

Founded: 1962

Headquarters: Marshfield, Wisconsin

Insight: Roehl Transport has earned the prestigious President's Award from the American Trucking Association (ATA) four times, solidifying its status as one of the most esteemed carriers in the trucking industry.

Catering to a diverse range of drivers, Roehl works with newcomers and industry veterans alike. If you're a new driver seeking a training company, they can assist you in obtaining your Class A CDL or gaining valuable driving experience.

Roehl offers a comprehensive array of driving opportunities, encompassing local, regional and dedicated truck driving positions to suit various preferences and lifestyles.

In terms of compensation, Roehl stands at the forefront of the industry. They employ address-to-address practical route mileage calculations, pioneering this innovative payment method. Unlike conventional city-center-to-city-center payment structures, Roehl compensates drivers based on practical route miles, spanning from the pickup address to the destination address.

Roehl allows you to bring your spayed or neutered cat or dog in the truck with you. However, drivers have to first become eligible for their pet policy program and go through the approval process. You may be eligible if you have one or more years of experience and you worked at your previous carrier for a year, you have less than a year of experience but were with your previous carrier since you earned your CDL or you’re an inexperienced driver in their Safety and Job Skills Training program. 

They regularly feature pet stories on their Facebook page, called Pawsitively Roehl. They’ve also installed special waste receptacles and pet run areas at their terminals.

J.B. Hunt

Founded: 1961

Headquarters: Lowell, Arkansas 

Insight: J.B. Hunt, a Fortune 500 company, boasts a formidable fleet comprising over 21,000 trucks. They provide a variety of choices for drivers, covering intermodal, truckload, less-than-truckload and temperature-controlled services, among others.

This industry titan has garnered an excellent reputation, both within the transportation sector and among its drivers. Thanks to its substantial size, J.B. Hunt offers dedicated trucking positions spanning the entire nation.

The company boasts a fleet of over 10,500 dedicated trucks distributed across nearly 600 locations, making it the largest dedicated service provider in the U.S.

The extensive selection of dedicated lanes translates to increased flexibility for drivers in terms of home time and shift preferences. Certain dedicated roles allow for daily or weekly homecomings, affording drivers the opportunity to become familiar with their routes and customers.

J.B. Hunt has a pet policy in select locations. You can only bring a dog with you and J.B. Hunt has weight and breed restrictions. They also require a pet deposit.

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Prime Inc. 

Founded: 1970

Headquarters: Springfield, Missouri

Insight: Prime holds the distinction of being the largest refrigerated carrier in North America. Remarkably, despite its immense size, the company continues to receive accolades and is honored to be inducted into the TCA Hall of Fame for Best Fleets to Drive For. 

Prime offers a diverse array of driving opportunities, making it particularly advantageous for those considering a transition to open deck freight, tanker or dry van transportation. This versatility proves especially valuable for new drivers. Prime operates as a training company, affording flexibility for drivers who may wish to explore different freight types, allowing them to switch if they find refrigerated freight isn't their preferred choice.

Prime allows its company drivers to bring one pet on the road as long as they weigh under 40 pounds and a (refundable) pet deposit is paid. Independent contractors can have a pet in their truck with no weight limit or pet deposit. While cats and dogs are most common, Prime allows other kinds of pets onboard trucks, too. 

At terminals, Prime offers temporary kennels and pet wash stations. 

Dog sitting in the passenger seat of a semi-truck.

Bison Transport

Founded: 1969

Headquarters: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Insight: Based in Canada, Bison is an asset-based freight solutions partner serving North America. Their excellence has garnered numerous accolades, including their induction into the TCA's Best Fleets to Drive For Hall of Fame in 2023.

Bison is renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge technologies and operates one of the largest and most modern fleets in the industry. 

They are actively seeking experienced cross-border drivers and owner-operators, while also providing opportunities for drivers interested in local routes and positions exclusively within Canada. As a privately held company, Bison serves a diverse customer base, offering drivers the flexibility to select their preferred lane.

Bison allows dogs in their trucks but drivers have to follow a few rules. Drivers must be full-time and have an assigned truck, they have to complete an online distraction and fatigue course, they have to pay a pet deposit and they have to have their truck “pre-pet” inspected. 

Werner Enterprises

Founded: 1956

Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

Insight: Werner Enterprises is a sizable dedicated carrier. In fact, it ranks among the top five largest truckload carriers nationwide, boasting a formidable fleet encompassing over 8,500 trucks and 23,000 trailers. Werner's paramount focus revolves around equipping its drivers with state-of-the-art equipment.

Werner caters to diverse preferences and lifestyles, offering an array of options that span local, regional and over-the-road (OTR) routes. This diversity empowers drivers to chart their own career paths, with Werner providing unwavering support and opportunities to adapt as their needs or life circumstances evolve.

Beyond dedicated roles, Werner extends a range of employment opportunities, including one-way truckload, intermodal, temperature-controlled, expedited, logistics and cross-border positions.

Werner allows you to have one dog or cat in your truck. They don’t enforce any size or weight restrictions.

Melton Truck Lines

Founded: 1954

Headquarters: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Insight: Melton Truck Lines holds its place as one of North America's premier international flatbed carriers. Their steadfast commitment to driver welfare has yielded impressive retention rates and a dedicated workforce. 

Melton welcomes both seasoned and new truck drivers and maintains rigorous hiring standards. Moreover, they offer distinctive and competitive compensation packages and home-time offerings.

At Melton, you can have one pet in the truck — a dog or a cat. Dogs must be under 90 pounds. Melton requires a pet deposit, which can be deducted from your weekly paycheck until the deposit is paid in full. The safety team must also provide you with a Pet Pass.

Trucking Company Pet Policy Questions

Before you sign up for orientation at any of the carriers on the list, make sure you understand their specific pet policy — they can change often. Ask the following questions to ensure your favorite furry family member can come with you on the road. 

  • Are only dogs allowed or can I bring another type of pet? 
  • Do you require a pet deposit?
  • Do I have to pay a regular pet fee? 
  • Do you charge any damage fees?
  • Do you have size, weight or breed restrictions? 
  • Can I bring more than one pet in the truck at once? 
  • Do you have any pet amenities at your terminals? 
  • Do you have any restrictions regarding where my pet can go? (Ex. Customer facilities)
  • Do I have to satisfy any requirements before bringing my pet on the road? 

Dog sitting in driver's seat.

Apply at ATS With Your Furry Friend

Bringing your pet on the road with you as a truck driver can be a rewarding experience, providing companionship and reducing feelings of loneliness during long journeys. However, it's essential to be aware of the varying pet policies of different trucking companies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.

Several reputable trucking companies offer pet-friendly policies. These policies may include restrictions on the type, breed and weight of pets, as well as the need for pet deposits and fees. Some companies have eligibility requirements, such as specific years of experience or completion of training programs, to qualify for their pet policies.

Before choosing a trucking company, it's essential to ask specific questions about their pet policies, as these policies can change over time. 

By understanding and selecting the right trucking company with a suitable pet policy, you can enjoy the benefits of having your pet as a travel companion while pursuing your career as a truck driver.

And guess who else has a generous pet policy? ATS does! We couldn’t resist throwing our leash in. ATS drivers can bring one cat or dog on the road with them, whether you’re a company driver or a lease driver. We do have a nonrefundable deposit. 

To learn more about our pet policy, give us a call or fill out a contact form