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[Video] Carrying Firearms In A Semi-Truck: Know The Rules!

September 14th, 2023

John Hayes

John Hayes

With over 7 years of experience in the transportation industry, John is a leading driver consultant on the ATS team. His focus is to find high-quality, professional, safe drivers – whether they are independent contractors or company drivers employed with ATS.

Explore the complexities of carrying firearms in a semi-truck! Learn about company policies, legal obligations, and how it impacts your career. Many trucking companies enforce strict no-firearms policies to ensure safety and maintain positive customer relationships. Owner-operators have more freedom but assume all risks. Discover the importance of understanding federal, state, city, and international gun laws, especially when crossing borders. Consequences of unauthorized firearm possession can range from fines and jail time to losing your job. To navigate this complex terrain, consider seeking legal counsel or joining industry associations that offer guidance on firearm regulations. Remember, staying informed, adhering to the law, and prioritizing safety not only protect your career but also promote a secure and professional image within the trucking community.