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[Video] Connecting Chains To Loads

September 6th, 2023

Charlie Conlin

Charlie Conlin

Charlie has been with ATS for nearly two decades. He wears many hats at ATS as the safety instructor for flatbed cargo securement. He takes drivers through flatbed securement training in orientation and is the point person for drivers who have questions on the road. He’s also able to answer any hazmat questions drivers may have.

The video features Charlie, an ATS cargo securement specialist, demonstrating how to secure cargo to a trailer using chains. He begins by connecting one end of the chain to the cargo and the other end to the trailer. He has the option to use pipe spools or a d-ring as connection points on the trailer, but chooses to use the spools. He then adds a binder to tighten the chain. He wraps the chain around the spools, hooks it back onto itself to create a loop, and attaches a ratchet binder to pull the chain tight. He ensures all excess chain is between the two connection points. He then tightens the binder, which has a neutral position allowing for easy adjustment. Once the chain is secure, the process is complete. This is referred to as direct securement. For full securement on the road, this process would be repeated on the opposite corner and other end of the cargo, essentially four times in total.