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[Video] Why You Shouldn’t Job-Hop as a Truck Driver

November 16th, 2021

James Williams

James Williams

Jimmy has been with ATS for four years as a driver consultant. He prides himself on giving each driver 100% commitment to ensure they are in the best possible situation.

How many trucking jobs have you had in the previous year? If you’ve jumped from job to job, you may struggle to land a job with top-paying carriers in the future. That’s because hopping from job to job can be a red flag for carriers. You might not get hired because you appear flighty and uncommitted.

In this video, Jimmy discusses the reasons drivers may hop from job to job, including driver burnout, a bad carrier fit or mistreatment. He’ll explain some strategies for sticking it out and when quitting your trucking job may be necessary.

ATS has tons of resources to help you succeed as a truck driver. Visit our Learning Center on drive4ats.com for more resources.


Video timestamps

00:30 Host intro

00:42 Expert intro

01:04 Job-hopping reason #1: unclear expectations

01:21 Job-hopping reason #2: bad carrier/driver fit

01:41 Job-hopping reason #3: driver mistreatment

02:10 Job-hopping reason #4: driver burnout

02:32 Why is job-hopping a bad thing?

03:11 Is there a good reason for job-hopping?

03:50 Next steps for CDL drivers