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[Video] Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse: What Is It and How Do I Register?

July 28th, 2022

Kelli Bloom

Kelli Bloom

Kelli has been in the trucking industry since 2003. She got her start working in compliance for a trucking carrier that specialized in government freight. She has been the compliance manager with ATS since 2017.

The FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse was implemented on January 6, 2020. You’ve likely heard about the sheer number of drivers who’ve been disqualified since its implementation, but do you understand what it is? As a compliance manager at ATS who works with the Clearinghouse to make sure the company meets regulations, I’m here to explain what it is.

The Clearinghouse is a database that houses all DOT-related drug and alcohol violations. If you’ve failed any type of DOT test after January 6, 2020, your name will be in the Clearinghouse. Trucking companies have to do a query in the Clearinghouse before they hire you. They also have to do an annual limited query during your employment with a company. If your name shows up in the Clearinghouse along with a failed or test refusal, you can no longer drive with that company (or you won’t be hired).

If you have failed a drug or alcohol screening, you can use the Clearinghouse to track your progress with a SAP Program (substance abuse professional) if you choose to undergo a program so that you can drive again.

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