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The Best Trucking Podcasts [Recommended by Drivers]

December 20th, 2023



The Best Trucking Podcasts [Recommended by Drivers]

Do you prefer silence on the road, or would you rather listen to something that keeps you engaged and awake? If the answer is the latter, then this article is for you.

Some drivers prefer the radio or their favorite music streaming service. Others prefer audiobooks or podcasts. 

While drivers shouldn’t listen to something so distracting they can’t focus on the road, podcasts can make for a pretty passive listening experience. And if you find yourself too engaged — to the point where it’s taking away the mental capacity you need to focus on the road — it’s time to switch it off and find something else. 

With long, long hours on the road, we asked our drivers at Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) what they turn on to pass the time while on the road. Here are their answers. Be sure to queue these up for your next load. 

Truck N’ Hustle

Platform: Website, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Truck N’ Hustle is a transportation and logistics podcast you can catch on their website, YouTube, Apple Music or Spotify. 

You’ll learn less about the everyday little ins and outs of trucking and more about the industry as a whole. Learn more about brokers, industry trends and companies that started from nothing only to find major success. 

If you’re an aspiring trucking and logistics entrepreneur, this podcast is designed specifically with you in mind. You’ll find over 200 episodes to keep you entertained. 

FirstFleet TenFour 

Platform: All podcast platforms

FirstFleet TenFour is presented by the dedicated carrier, FirstFleet. They were founded in 1986 and pride themselves on high-quality dedicated contract carriage services. 

TenFour Podcast regularly releases episodes on all streaming platforms. Episodes focus on what’s happening within the company and how it relates to its core values. The podcast is designed to increase communication and awareness within the company. 

You’ll learn more about what the company has to offer as a driver, but you’ll also get great financial tips and advice about staying healthy on the road. You definitely don’t need to be one of their drivers to find value in this podcast. 

What the Truck?! 

Platform: Website, YouTube and Apple Podcasts

What the Truck?! is a podcast by Freightwaves, so you know it’s trustworthy. They provide all the latest information in the transportation and logistics world, so it’s a great resource for staying up-to-date on the industry and market.

It’s insightful while still being entertaining. 

Man recording podcast.

Trucking for Millennials

Platform: Website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and iHeartRadio

From PDQ America, a flatbed, heavy haul and hot shot transportation company, comes Trucking For Millennials

Tune in weekly for impactful discussions, news updates, interviews, tips and real-life stories from the road. The podcast is geared toward — you guessed it — millennials. As the next generation of truckers and logistics professionals, you’ll get insight on how this generation is making waves in the trucking and logistics industry. 

Trucker Dump

Platform: Website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher

The Trucker Dump podcast is for truckers, people considering entering the industry and those curious about trucking. The podcast is presented by a driver himself, so you’ll get curious insights and funny stories from the road, as well as random things he feels like talking about. 

Trucker Dump is ideal for you if you want to learn about the trucking industry through storytelling and humor.

TalkCDL Trucking Podcast 

Platform: Website, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher 

TalkCDL trucking podcast is for truck drivers and their families. You’ll learn everything from the latest industry news to trucker stories from the road. 

Overdrive Radio

Platform: Website and YouTube

Overdrive Radio is presented by Randall Reilly, a growth platform for vital industries like trucking. The podcast is perfect for owner-operators and small fleet owners. When you tune in, you’ll get access to interviews, informative discussions for industry professionals and regulatory news. 

They release episodes weekly. 

Trucking Technology & Efficiency

Platform: Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Spotify

Trucking Technology & Efficiency is hosted by Kevin Rutherford, Joel Morrow and John Walco. They share their industry knowledge on the latest technology in the trucking industry, so it’s the perfect podcast if you’re looking to stay current on the new trends.

They release a few podcasts per month. At the time of this writing, they have nearly 100 episodes to listen to and some of them are over three hours long. 

Young truck driver behind the wheel.

Listen and Learn 

In the bustling world of trucking, the debate rages on: silence or something to engage the mind during the journey? For those favoring the latter, a wide variety of options await—podcasts that both entertain and educate.

These podcasts can make your long trips less boring and give you things to think about. But it's super important to always stay focused on driving safely, even if the podcasts are really interesting. 

It's like making a good playlist—finding the right podcast means balancing entertainment with paying attention to the road. That way, you can enjoy the journey and stay safe at the same time, one podcast at a time.

Do you have any recommendations to add to the list? 

If you’re looking for more informative content, check out Over the Road for videos on everything you’d ever want to know about trucking.