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Why Diversified Freight Matters in Trucking! [Video]

February 7th, 2024

Jakob Leon

Jakob Leon

Jakob Leon is an operations manager in the vans division. He loves being able to help people each day, whether they’re internal staff or valuable drivers out on the road. He enjoys working at ATS because the culture makes coming into work every day enjoyable. Prior to working at ATS, he was director of operations at Midwest Specialized. He’s also worked in the transportation industry for more than eight years in a variety of roles including over-the-road fleet manager, dedicated fleet manager and weekend operations manager. This experience helped him come to ATS with a diverse background within the van business.

Are you a truck driver looking for stability and growth in your career? If so, it's important to join a carrier with diversified freight offerings. Jakob Leon, operations manager at ATS, shares valuable tips on how to identify these companies. One way to spot diversified freight companies is by looking for a mix of equipment types. This indicates that the carrier is able to handle a wide range of cargo and is not limited to specific industries. Another tip is to ask if the carrier operates across various industries. This shows that they have experience in different sectors and can provide consistent work opportunities. Lastly, checking if the carrier hauls a variety of freight is crucial. This ensures that they have a reliable customer base and can adapt to changing market demands. By joining a carrier with diversified freight offerings, truck drivers can benefit from market stability and have the potential for career growth. These carriers are able to remain stable even in challenging markets because they are not dependent on a single industry or type of cargo. Additionally, they support driver growth and lifelong careers by providing a wide range of job opportunities and the chance to gain experience in different areas. So, if you're a truck driver looking for stability and growth, consider joining a carrier with diversified freight offerings.

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