Jakob Leon

Jakob Leon is an operations manager in the vans division. He loves being able to help people each day, whether they’re internal staff or valuable drivers out on the road. He enjoys working at ATS because the culture makes coming into work every day enjoyable. Prior to working at ATS, he was director of operations at Midwest Specialized. He’s also worked in the transportation industry for more than eight years in a variety of roles including over-the-road fleet manager, dedicated fleet manager and weekend operations manager. This experience helped him come to ATS with a diverse background within the van business.

By: Jakob Leon
November 29th, 2023

Checking out your options as a truck driver? The word “dedicated” is thrown around a lot in the trucking industry, but it can mean a few different things.

By: Jakob Leon
February 7th, 2023

You go together like peanut butter and jelly. Avocado and toast. Ketchup and mustard. You’ve found a partner to drive with, now it’s time to figure out which company can best support you. After all, one of the hardest parts of team driving is finding a partner who you can feel safe with and who you can remain in close quarters with for long periods of time. You’ve done that part already. Now, which company is going to support your team?

By: Jakob Leon
December 23rd, 2022

As a truck driver, you’ve got tons of options on the road. Will you be an over-the-road (OTR) driver? Will you decide to be a local driver who gets to go home daily? Will you decide to be a regional driver who goes home weekly? Or, will you choose an option that could result in any of the above options?