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Celebrating Safety and Commitment: Spotlight on Noah Barboz

July 2nd, 2024



Noah Barboza has loved trucks since he was a kid, drawing pictures of them and dreaming about driving them. Although he has certifications in other fields like computer drafting, driving trucks is what truly makes him happy. Today, he proudly drives for ATS, where his dedication to his job has earned him the Safety-Driven Driver Spotlight for June.

Rapid Progress at ATS

Noah started with ATS three years ago as a specialized driver and quickly moved up to heavy haul driving within just 18 months. His quick advancement came from his eagerness to learn and his consistent communication with his fleet manager, showing a proactive approach to his career development.

Excellence in Handling Emergencies

The recognition this month also highlights Noah's skilled handling of a challenging situation on the road. While transporting a large load, he had to deal with an unexpected obstacle caused by his pilot car. With quick thinking and a focus on safety, Noah managed the situation smoothly by working closely with his fleet manager and state patrol, ensuring the safe continuation of his journey.

Looking to the Future

Noah is excited about continuing to grow in his career, especially with his recent move to driving multi-axle trailers. He is always ready to tackle new challenges, aiming to master more complex deliveries. Noah’s career approach is all about pushing limits and expanding his skills, which aligns with ATS’s values of continuous improvement and safety.

Gratitude and Recognition

Noah’s proactive nature and commitment to safety have not only kept him and others safe on the road but have also set a positive example for his fellow drivers. His journey and actions reflect the core values of ATS, highlighting the importance of dedication and safety in truck driving. Noah’s ongoing efforts and achievements continue to inspire his colleagues and maintain the high standards of the profession.

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