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Flatbed Driver | Heavy Haul Driver

[Video] How to Move from Flatbed to Heavy Haul Trucking

January 17th, 2023




Do you have the desire to haul oversized, heavy freight? If you’ve always wanted to become a heavy haul driver, this video is for you.

It takes some drivers a year to move from flatbed to heavy haul and it takes others five years or more. It depends on your interest, skill and dedication. 

Most trucking companies have some sort of class system they implement to help drivers move up to hauling larger and larger freight. As you meet carrier expectations and safely haul oversized loads, you’ll move closer to moving heavy haul freight. Once you’re approved to haul heavy haul loads, you’ll need to go through training on permits, curfews and securement and earn additional endorsements. 

If you’re interested in hauling specialized loads and heavy haul loads, apply for a position at ATS.