Andrea Austad

Andrea began working at ATS in 2021. As a driver manager in the vans division, she spends her days overseeing her board of 30 drivers and ensuring everyone is making it to their pickup and delivery times safely. After confirming her drivers are able move through their pickups and deliveries fluidly, she then starts searching for the best load opportunities for her drivers that need to get moving. She likes the variety of different personalities that she works with, as well as working with drivers to help them in their time of need. Whether that means helping to support them with questions regarding pay or where the current market stands, she enjoys being innovative and making a positive difference in other peoples’ lives. Before she came to ATS, she dispatched specialized drivers. She also worked with intermodal rail yards and built customer relationships in the US and overseas. Her entire family actively works in the transportation industry and she’s found her passion for it as well.

By: Andrea Austad
March 1st, 2023

Feel like you’re always putting all your money into your fuel tanks?