Greg Wentworth

Greg joined the ATS team in 2019. He’s spent more than 30 years working on all types of trucks and trailers and spent 29 years as a dealer technician. He carries several certifications from different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). His favorite part of his role as a technical trainer and quality assurance insurance inspector is helping the technicians learn and build their own knowledge base.

By: Greg Wentworth
May 11th, 2022

Short of an accident, there are few things worse than driving down the road and seeing your check engine light turn on — or any other hazard light for that matter.  There are thousands of things that could be wrong with your truck, just as there are hundreds of parts on your truck that keep it running. Is it going to be a minor fix? Or is it something that’s going to keep your truck in the shop and off the roads for days?