Lori McNaughton

Lori doesn’t like to talk about how much time has passed but, she’s spent about 20 years in trucking – over half of that with ATS. Lori’s current role within ATS is operations manager for the specialized division. Her trucking experience includes: LTL, customer service, fleet management, and she even spent some time driving herself.

By: Lori McNaughton
March 20th, 2024

As a truck driver, you’re constantly inundated with ads. Everywhere you look, some company is advertising how much better their company is than the one you drive for.

By: Lori McNaughton
December 28th, 2021

Do you crave the freedom of an open road? Does the idea of hopping in a big rig each day and hauling important freight excite you? As a truck driver, you are an important part of the economy and keep the supply chain running. Truck drivers are essential workers and without you, important goods like food, water, gasoline and raw materials would not be delivered to the people who need them most.