Brent Schaffler

Brent received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from St. Cloud State University. He spent nine years in the retail industry before joining the ATS Team in 2012. Brent worked in the driver recruiting department for 2.5 years before transitioning to the Competitive Equipment Sales (CES) Team. He manages the leases of independent contractors from ATS and its affiliates.

By: Brent Schaffler
October 22nd, 2021

As a truck driver, you have a seemingly endless list of career options.  Do you want to haul oversized freight?  Do you want to haul important refrigerated goods in a reefer or do you want to haul hazardous materials in a tanker?  Do you want to be a company driver or an independent contractor?  Do you want to lease your semi-truck or buy your semi-truck? This last question is the one we’ll be addressing in this article. There are benefits to both buying or leasing your Class 8 truck, making it a tough decision for truck drivers.