Flatbed Driver

By: Charlie Conlin
May 6th, 2022

Tarping a flatbed load isn't as simple as tossing a tarp over your load, throwing some bungees on it and calling it good. Tarping is a tough job. Tarps are awkward and heavy and you have to use them when it’s freezing outside or stifling. Tarping can also be a dangerous job. Not only do you have to get into awkward positions to carry the tarp to the top of the load, but you may have to crawl on top of the load itself. Add any amount of wind to the equation and it gets extremely dangerous. The tarp acts as a sail in the wind and it can take you for a ride. Drivers tarping their loads are highly prone to injuries, whether because they fall off the load or strain their back or shoulders.

Flatbed Driver

By: Karl Aughe
April 13th, 2022

If you’re new to flatbed driving and securing your loads, it can be intimidating to get started.  It can be a challenging, demanding job for even the best of us. If you don’t have the right tools to help you succeed, you can either be spending much more time than you need to be securing your loads or you might be doing harm to your body by doing it the wrong way. 

Flatbed Driver | Heavy Haul Driver

By: Mark Keul
April 8th, 2022

Do you take pride in the loads you haul? Do you see huge trucks going down the road with wind turbines and think, “Hey, I want to do that!”? If you have the dedication and the safety score to prove it and the experience hauling oversized loads, maybe heavy haul is the next step you’d like to take. But the thing about heavy haul is that it’s not just something that you decide you want to do and jump into overnight. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Flatbed Driver

By: Charlie Conlin
February 21st, 2022

  Does the idea of securement training freak you out? Improperly secured loads can result in fatal accidents, so your fear is understandable.  Can you do it?  If you were to take your tractor and flatbed trailer and turn them upside down and shake them, would your load still be secure?  That’s the goal with flatbed training — your load should be so secure that nothing is going to make it come loose. 

Flatbed Driver | Dry Van Driver

By: Robbie Schaefer
February 9th, 2022

Flatbeds or dry vans.  Dry vans or flatbeds.  What’s the best choice for you as a driver?  If you’re going back and forth between both trucking options, you should  carefully consider what you want your daily work life to look like and where you want to be 10 or 20 years down the road.  If you don’t carefully consider the pros and cons of each, you might be very unhappy with your choice — leading to a lot of frustration that could’ve been prevented. 

Company Driver | Flatbed Driver

By: Joe Goering
January 12th, 2022

Are you trying to determine if Anderson Trucking Service is the right place to grow your career with? Are you looking for a stable company to jumpstart your flatbed career?  Beginning your flatbed career can be intimidating if you’ve only hauled vans. There are many uncertainties. Will you be able to handle the physical labor? How do you secure loads? How do you hook up different types of trailers?

Flatbed Driver | Heavy Haul Driver

By: Tom Roholt
November 19th, 2021

Picture this: you’re driving down the highway, hauling your flatbed trailer with construction goods behind you, when you see a massive wind turbine blade coming down the road.  I want to do that, you think to yourself.  You look in your rearview mirror, see the construction materials safely secured on the trailer.  You sigh.  Flatbed is great and all, but you’re ready to move into the big league. That’s right, you’re ready to haul oversized, over-dimensional loads. You want to haul nineteen-axle loads. You want a pilot car escort to help you pass safely through town. You want everyone’s heads to turn when they see you coming down the road. You want to be a heavy haul driver.